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Charcoal Bamboo Facial Rounds

Charcoal Bamboo Facial Rounds

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Charcoal Bamboo Facial Rounds - Set of 6

•  3" in diameter & shaped as a square with rounded edges to give you more surface area while minimizing fabric waste.
• 2 layers of soft, absorbent, Charcoal Bamboo

Why Charcoal Bamboo?
- The fabric inhibits bacterial metabolism causing fewer allergic skin reactions than other fibres sterilized with antimicrobial agents.
- Antimicrobial: Bamboo Charcoal fibre effectively decomposes the micro-organisms attached to its surface and in the air around it.

• These rounds are great for removing light makeup and applying toner or other skin care products.
• The rounds may become stained with use on heavily pigmented products. For best results, rinse with warm water after use.

• Wash cool, delicate, with your regular laundry and mild detergent. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
• Avoid the use of fabric softener as this reduces the absorbency of the fabrics.
• A small amount of vinegar can be added to the wash cycle as a natural fabric softener to reduce any pilling.
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