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Paperless Towels: Neutrals

Paperless Towels: Neutrals

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8 paperless towel sheets

Set includes: 4 sheets of solid colour, 3 beige, 3 natural seeded

Each sheet measures approx 12x10" in size and is made of 100% cotton flannelette with edges surged for durability.

These sheets naturally cling to each other to wrap around and be stored on a roll. Sheets can also be folded and left in a basket/ box on your counter for a functional and decorative addition to your kitchen.

I recommend 2 packs (16 sheets) to fill your roll.

These paperless towels become more absorbent with each wash.

Care instructions:
Wash on cool to warm setting and dry on low or hang dry.
*preferred hang drying as this reduced pilling of material
Do not add fabric softener as this reduces fabric absorbency levels.


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