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Paperless Towels: Starwars SALE

Paperless Towels: Starwars SALE

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10 paperless towel sheets.

"Be What You Want To Be" on orange/gold with side portrait

Each sheet measures approx 12x12" in size and is made of 100% cotton flannelette with edges surged for durability.

These sheets naturally cling to each other to wrap around and be stored on your existing paper towel roll. sheets can also be folded and left in a basket/ box on your counter for a functional and decorative addition to your kitchen.

I recommend 2 packs (20 sheets) to fill your roll.

These paperless towels become more absorbent with each wash.

Care instructions:
Wash on cool to warm setting and dry on low or hang dry.
*preferred hang drying as this reduced pilling of material
Do not add fabric softener as this reduces fabric absorbency levels.
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